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The Lights
Era Longman wiggled her toes over the edge, feeling the expanse below her. Her face was covered in tear streaks, dirt and just a little bit of blood from where her father had hit her.
The height began to weigh on her so she backed up a few inches and shivered from a breeze that swept over her skin. Era sniffed and wiped a fresh tear from her eye. She had been out a night and a day without food, water or shelter. She stood at the northern end of the forest, not where the road was, but to the east of that, where she could stand from a cliff and see the lights if the city. There were extra lights on this night for it was the night of the harvest festival.
  “And my birthday,” She said to herself in a parched forlorn voice. She licked her dry lips, going over in her mind what she was about to do. The idea of jumping scared her, but she saw no other option for herself. Era thought of her father and five brothers, and her heart started to ache.
  Her father had always t
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Bird Hiku in Digital WIP by tokiratokia Bird Hiku in Digital WIP :icontokiratokia:tokiratokia 2 6
Skinny is the New Beautiful...
  This is something that I have been feeling for a while, people appreciate someone being skinny more than them being beautiful. If you go on an image search site and put in fat, some of these "fat girls" are healthy size. They are not completely flat stomached, and have not stick-like arms. The women in the "fat" category have curves. HEALTHY curves!!!  Although this does not bother me that much, this is a fact that does:
Last year, size 16 was in the Large section and 18 was the beginning of XL (in America at least)
This year, 16 is XL and 18 is 1XL
I don't know about you guys, but this is a horrible change on my opinion
I mean, who wants to wear something that is labeled eXtra Large!?
I know I don't.
I know I am fat (aka over weight), but I also know that I am also REALLY big boned, seriously, I have huge wrists and ankles of just bones and tendons, my hands are bigger than most peoples (especially bigger than women) I am just big. I have to always wear too big jackets bec
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Sketchbook dump page by tokiratokia Sketchbook dump page :icontokiratokia:tokiratokia 7 0
The Ignorance of Youth
   The Ignorance of Youth
  Isaiah had been so keen about going to see Father work, a privilege that I had not even been given. Isaiah was Father’s apprentice however so I can understand why everyone had found it appropriate, even though they had been utterly wrong. I had helped my seven year old brother into a small black suit with shiny black shoes. I had helped tie the bright red tie I had given him for his birthday and slick down his hair black hair. The entire time he had been anxiously rolling back and forth on his heels, hoping that he wouldn't be late. Mother and I had stood on the porch and watched Father help Isaiah into the hovercraft and drive off into the distance, to the science facility.
  From what we could see from what was Father’s memory-video a few days later, it had been Isaiah’s fault. Mother and I could see his small hands on the edge control panel, hopping up and down to get a better view of the specimen. Father had only seen it out of th
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ID sketch by tokiratokia ID sketch :icontokiratokia:tokiratokia 2 7 Bearskin's Ring by tokiratokia Bearskin's Ring :icontokiratokia:tokiratokia 3 9 Naked Stick Figure Alert!!!! by tokiratokia
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Incredible! The heart design in the cloak is fantastic. The model used is gorgeous too. One of my favorite things in any image is chiar...

by Hyung86

I give this full points!!! My point of view my be a bit bias but I cannot help it, my eyes popped out of my head when I saw this. What ...

First of all Wow wow!!! This is is an incredibly original creature. It makes an amazing impact and I could defiantly imagine this creat...

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A touch screen
bigger tablet
an art job
Love -_-
more clothes
a good life
a good Cmas




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So anyone who didn't get the memo

Hiyo!!!!! So this is my last journal on this DA account!!! Woot!! I’ve made a new DA with the name  RenaisAngel<3 <3

I’m super excited to start posting everything and all that Jazzzzz

I’m gonna keep posting this journal so everyone knows! (wah ha ha!!) 

So anyone who is watching me may want to switch over to my other account so they don't keep getting this same message... :) (Smile)

*So happy* <3

Please add me to your DA watch on my new site if u like <3
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you r very welcome but i do not have a tumblr or a FB sorry :(
Keep making art, it is obvious that you love it <3
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